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Chai sans serif font

Chai Sans Serif Font is a multipurpose typeface that works great in large and small sizes. This typeface is a variable display sans font family that supports Latin and Devanagari. It is designed for titles, outros, statements, headlines, announcements, intros, and other display texts. Although display type font families are traditionally more formal and stiff in their approach, Chai adds faint curves and subtle bluntness to the characters to add a human informality to its design.

Chai is also the first OpenType Variable typeface on Google Fonts to support Devanagari. It offers every single style on the weight (wght) axis between the range 300 to 700. Not only does this enable a wide array of display possibilities but also provides performance efficiency by providing the all the weight variations through a single font file.

Vogie sans serif font

Vogie Sans Serif Font is a stylish and modern typeface with unique details. This free font works best in bigger sizes, useful for titles, headlines, or shorter texts. You can see the beautiful font details in any character that will make the font more fashionable. This font is a sporty and modern sans serif font, comes in 9 weights, 4 widths, and it’s available in regular and oblique. 62 fonts encapsulated in one variable font makes “vogie” more modern and easy to use.

Vendura sans serif font

Vendura Sans Serif Font is a versatile and stylish typeface suitable for a wide range of applications – especially short lines of text, titles in both digital media and print. This typeface an elegant sans-serif-family with a modern touch. While being an hommage to the beloved high-contrast didone typefaces from the 18th and 19th century, Vendura font comes up with some unique design details, giving this family a modern twist. It adds a lot of personality to any Editorial Design, Branding Project or User Interface. The seven weights of Vendura have lots of crisp sharp edges, while its matching italics create a slightly softer and warmer look.

Vendura has an extensive character set to offer, covering more than 200 languages. Plus, there are ligatures, stylistic alternates, numerical variations, automatic arrows and so much more to find, making sure it can catch up with all your typographic demands. Offering 625 glyphs per font, Vendura is a truly versatile companion for your next design project.