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Pipánganan – display typeface

Pipánganan Display Font is a flared-serif display typeface that represents clearness, contrast, and sharpness. Pipánganan Display Font created by a brilliant creator Cid Gonzales. Pipánganan display typeface inspired by the signages of Philippine carinderias and other local eateries.

Bold but nurturing in nature, Pipánganan Font is a Kapampangan term for the place where one is eating and is a wistful gesture to the old normal — following the lead from the familiar clutter and comfort associated with our energetic carinderias.

The font includes 27 uppercase letters, including ñ, and various punctuation glyphs. Letterforms with diacritical marks are included to make the font adaptable to different Philippine languages.

Scathing handwritten font – handmade signature style

Scathing Handwritten Font with a handmade Signature style, decorative characters, and a dancing baseline! Scathing Handwritten Font is a relaxed and asymmetrical handwritten font, designed by Bandofol Studio. Stylish and elegant, this font will make each of your designs stand out! Scathing Handwritten Font will be suitable beautifully on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!!